La Bombilla’s March 10th Menu

La Bombilla’s next dinner will take place March 10th, 2012.  We are holding the dinner at a commercial kitchen in the San Jose area, located near Hwy 101 with plenty of free parking. The event is bring your own wine and glass.

The menu will be an 8+ course tasting menu using the highest quality ingredients prepared using classic and modern methods. Flavor and quality are the stars of the show at La Bombilla, and the price is inclusive of tip and ticket surcharge. Additional tips are always appreciated, but not required.

We are going to offer vegetarian options for the 1st course (prosciutto replaced), and the 5th and 6th courses will have dedicated vegetarian dishes. 7th course can be modified for lobster only and no bone marrow. The remaining courses will be seafood to allow guests a non-meat option.

Attached is the tentative menu for the dinner for your viewing. I am excited to cook these dishes for our guests, although items may change due to availability of ingredients but the level or type of food will be similar. These dishes are heavily inspired by the great chefs from around the world.

Thank you for taking a look….Loren and Karen Crannell

Interested in joining us? You can make reservations using Brown Paper Tickets


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