Flavor Testing – Mangalitsa Pork Belly

Sadly,  as of July 1st, Foie Gras is no longer legally available for sale or purchase in California. That luxurious fatty liver taste was decadent and amazing, but I believe that there is an ingredient that can rival, if not, surpass foie gras. That ingredient is mangalitsa pork belly, and it is one of the most surreal and heavenly bites I have ever taken.

Mangalitsa is a mono unsaturated fatty pig raised organically, and allowed to age naturally without any hormones, and eats acorns for months before harvest. The result is pig that offers rich tasting meat and fat that will literally melt in your mouth.

Below was simple dish that I put together to test the flavors of molasses with pork belly cooked sous vide. I placed a three-pound section of pork belly in a vacuum bag, put in three or four tablespoons of molasses, salt and pepper, and sealed. Cooked for 24 hours at 150 degrees and then dunked in ice water to stop cooking.  I then drained the rendered fat and refrigerated the belly overnight to get it firm enough for cutting. For dinner, I sliced the pork belly into blocks and fried them until browned and to render a bit more fat. Placed a sunny side up egg next to two squares of pork belly and you have an excellent appetizer or snack.

Loren @ La Bombilla Dinner Club



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