Flavor Testing – Mangalitsa Pork Belly

Sadly,  as of July 1st, Foie Gras is no longer legally available for sale or purchase in California. That luxurious fatty liver taste was decadent and amazing, but I believe that there is an ingredient that can rival, if not, surpass foie gras. That ingredient is mangalitsa pork belly, and it is one of the most surreal and heavenly bites I have ever taken.

Mangalitsa is a mono unsaturated fatty pig raised organically, and allowed to age naturally without any hormones, and eats acorns for months before harvest. The result is pig that offers rich tasting meat and fat that will literally melt in your mouth.

Below was simple dish that I put together to test the flavors of molasses with pork belly cooked sous vide. I placed a three-pound section of pork belly in a vacuum bag, put in three or four tablespoons of molasses, salt and pepper, and sealed. Cooked for 24 hours at 150 degrees and then dunked in ice water to stop cooking.  I then drained the rendered fat and refrigerated the belly overnight to get it firm enough for cutting. For dinner, I sliced the pork belly into blocks and fried them until browned and to render a bit more fat. Placed a sunny side up egg next to two squares of pork belly and you have an excellent appetizer or snack.

Loren @ La Bombilla Dinner Club



Seats Still Available for July 14th Dinner


As we come up to the upcoming dinner on July 14th, I wanted to highlight that we do have seats remaining. Right now, we need to sell at least 4 more tickets to secure the location and the cost of the ingredients. It’s a very exciting menu and there will be surprises for each guests.

If interested, please see below, and we hope to see you in beautiful Pacifica.

La Bombilla Dinner Club

Interested in joining us? You can make reservations using Brown Paper Tickets

La Bombilla’s July14th Dinner Is Now In Pacifica

Dear La Bombilla Dinner Club,

We have a lot of followers in San Francisco, and the current San Jose location was just too far away for many people. To facilitate our guests we found a great location in Pacifica, minutes from Highway 1 and easy access on and off the highway. The location still allows for BYOB and the best feature of this location is the interaction between the kitchen and the guests.

At the new location each guest will be able to view the kitchen as we prepare your dinner.  One of the drawbacks of the San Jose location was the distance from the kitchen to the dining room. With the new location you will have a much nicer dining experience and have more interaction with the kitchen than ever before. I certainly hope you can join us. Due to the size of the location, the guest limit is strictly held at 20 to insure an intimate and exciting dinner event.

I welcome you to view the photos of the location and the tentative menu.

Kind regards

La Bombilla Dinner Club

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La Bombilla’s July 14th Dinner Menu

La Bombilla’s next dinner will take place July 14th, 2012 in Pacifica, CA starting at 7:00 p.m. We are excited to host this dinner at a location that will allow you to bring your own wine or beer. To assist we will provide wine pairing advice for our guests and the event should last approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The next dinner will have a choice of a vegetarian and a regular tasting menu. We look forward to offering a diverse and exciting menu to make the experience special. We reserve the right to make small changes to the menu based on ingredient availability to insure freshness and quality.

The nature of the Dinner Club is provide members with quality ingredients. We are not a restaurant, and ticket price is one time membership fee to help offset the costs of the location and food. In addition,  we require a signed hold harmless form holding the host and La Bombilla harmless. Thank you very much.

Below is the tentative menu and tickets are now available. If you click on the menu you will be able to view it in high quality.

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La Bombilla’s March 10th Menu

La Bombilla’s next dinner will take place March 10th, 2012.  We are holding the dinner at a commercial kitchen in the San Jose area, located near Hwy 101 with plenty of free parking. The event is bring your own wine and glass.

The menu will be an 8+ course tasting menu using the highest quality ingredients prepared using classic and modern methods. Flavor and quality are the stars of the show at La Bombilla, and the price is inclusive of tip and ticket surcharge. Additional tips are always appreciated, but not required.

We are going to offer vegetarian options for the 1st course (prosciutto replaced), and the 5th and 6th courses will have dedicated vegetarian dishes. 7th course can be modified for lobster only and no bone marrow. The remaining courses will be seafood to allow guests a non-meat option.

Attached is the tentative menu for the dinner for your viewing. I am excited to cook these dishes for our guests, although items may change due to availability of ingredients but the level or type of food will be similar. These dishes are heavily inspired by the great chefs from around the world.

Thank you for taking a look….Loren and Karen Crannell

Interested in joining us? You can make reservations using Brown Paper Tickets

February 4th Menu

As we approach our upcoming dinner on February 4th, I wanted to post a menu that I would love to cook. Some small changes based on ingredient availability or advancements in other cooking inspirations are possible, but I really like this menu.

$80/ person

Listed are the main ingredients, and it can represent one or several dishes within the course. Interested in joining us? You can make reservations using Brown Paper Tickets

February 4th, 2012 Dinner Announcement

La Bombilla’s next dinner will take place February 4th, 2012.  We are excited to host this dinner at a local winery in Redwood City, located near Hwy 101. Because of the location, outside wine or beverages are not allowed. However, wine, beer and soft drinks will be available.

The menu will include fish and may include meat courses. For guests who wish to not have red meat, please let us know when you make the reservation as we will replace any meat course with a vegetarian, fish, or other non-meat course.

We expect this dinner to sell out, so please consider making your reservations early. Reservations are first come, first-served and can be made by following this link: February 4th Dinner Reservations . Reservations are now being accepted.

Location information will be provided about a week before the event.

Price per person – $80 for an 8 course dinner.

December 3, 2011 Menu


Iced Green Salad – Hint of Sake

Salmon Rillette

Vichyvoisse – Potato and Leek Soup with a 63degree egg

Uni with Mangalitsa Lardo and Toast

Mangalitsa Pork Belly (new addition)

“Cocktail Time” – Gin Fizz

Baeckeoffe “Baker’s Oven” – Mangalitsa Pork

“Surf and Turf” – Filet Mignon with Butter Poached Spot Prawn


Location: San Jose
Please see the reservation form and process @ http://wp.me/p1QPrY-t
Menu subject to changes. Some of these dishes are heavily inspired by great chefs, who are my mentors through books.
BYOB – We will have suggested beverage pairings for your convenience once the menu has been finalized.